Though my time with Ornella was relatively short, I can’t help but express my gratitude for the great impact she had on my life in those few months.
She immediately made me feel at ease, which was no small feat considering the brevity of our relationship. Ornella had the ability to create a safe, non-judgmental space . Her genuine empathy created a welcoming environment, allowing me to open up and delve into the issues I was facing, and as well sensitive topics.

Despite the short duration of our therapeutic relationship, her person-centered approach was evident. She respected my pace and allowed me to direct the conversation toward the areas I felt were most important. This tailored approach made every session feel incredibly personal and allowed me to explore my feelings and experiences within the constraints of time.

A standout moment in our brief journey was when I have been struggling with agoraphobia and social anxiety (a chronic mental state in my case). Ornella’s immediate and empathetic response made all the difference. She helped me navigate the waves of discomfort I was feeling, offering guidance and motivated me not to be too critical with myself.